A friend introduced me to Sandeep Nehra for web building and SEO services. I had been looking for someone with good knowledge of WordPress and SEO.
As usual, I had my skepticisms even when he asked me to trust him. I decided to go ahead and give him a try. We established communication via skype and email. I had the feeling he was online 22 hours a day. I could get hold of him every time I needed and was truly amazed by the quality of service. These were the things I liked about him:

  • He has a firm mastery of the technology and can always customize it to my needs.
  • Sandeep possesses indepth knowledge of WordPress and SEO. I know a thing or two about SEO and learnt a lot more from him.
  • He was prompt with his replies and I got to learn about Team Viewer which we used a lot to provide support.
  • He can understand my non-techy explanations of what I wanted him to do.
  • He is incredibly patient and always seems in control.
  • On the first day of releasing the site www.kizphonics.com to the search engines, I could see organic traffic coming in almost instantly.

At the end of working on my project, I felt I had made a real friend, not just someone I paid to do a job. It is for this reason I have already recommended his services to my brother, who is in a similar business like me.

Futonge Kisito, CEO from Eduterials LLC

Over the 6 years I have been working on the internet I have hired a lot of freelancer, some have been good, many have not done the job correctly and it has been a very frustrating experience. I hired a developer to be my webmaster from here in the United States, who completely took 6 years of work and destroyed it, costing me time and a lot of money. Then I met Sandeep, who saved me and corrected an impossible situation I was left in. Sandeep was incredible, he worked long hours to help me get back lost data, hours to rectify someone else's mistakes, his advice and guidance was like having someone sitting in a chair next to me. It was like having a friend wrap his arms around your shoulders and saying "don't worry, I got you everything will be okay".

He became not only someone doing work for me, but a friend and a partner, I couldn't imagine the lost if he had not saved me, he saved my business. I will never even consider someone else to work with. Patience, trust understanding, everything you want wrapped up in a guy name Sandeep! If you really want quality work, with someone you can trust with your business and the future of your business, then I can think of no one else to put that trust in! Thank you so much!

Richard Manigault from HMDH Academy

Outsourcing work is always challenging for several reasons; trust, meeting deadlines and competence being 3 major issues most people are concerned about. No matter what your concept is, Sandeep Nehra can bring any thought to digital reality and no matter what your concerns are, he has the solution to it all.
I was more than happy working with him on my website MathFox.com and KidsMathTV.com. The job was completed before the anticipated deadline; surpassing my expectations in terms of design, content layout and ease of accessing different areas of the site. Sandeep will work all night to satisfy you, go the extra mile to do the best site design, maintain your site and respond instantly to any demands. He is always available and patiently gives you support if you need it. For all of these, Sandeep offers one of the best deals out there.
I am happy with all his services and will not hesitate to recommend anyone who needs them and who is stuck with the above mentioned outsourcing challenges.
Mphoweh Jude from MathFox and Kids Math TV

I am absolutely over the moon I found Sandeep ! I needed a current , trendy website for my new business , and he created me the most wonderful, user friendly site I could have wished for. He is so friendly and calm, but most of all very patient.

Sandeep really listens and understands what your needs are and then delivers exactly what you want. He is not happy unless you are ! He is really technically wizardly , Sandeep knows his stuff . You are in safe hands believe me.

He must work all hours under the sun ! I live in the UK , and Sandeep was often talking me through plans, designing my pages and offering all sorts of technical advice , well into the night. One night it was 4am India time !!!! I had to tell him to get off line and get some sleep ! :o)

Its the little touches Sandeep does that are really special. I would often go back into my site, and he had tweeted and repositioned a few bits and pieces, that I had meant to do, and not got around to it.. It was like magic ! Sandeep works so fast, nothing is too much trouble and when he says he is going to do something - he does it , in lightening speed !

I would not hesitate recommending Sandeep. In fact I would say hire him as soon as you can - this man is in high demand !!! He really is the nicest person and I am thrilled to bits with my new site. His help and guidance is priceless, and I love his moto "impossible is not a word in my dictionary " ... this is very true ! Anything I asked for - he made it happen.

Thank you Sandeep. I love my site and I was so lucky to find you. And as you say, you are always here to help. I am sure I will be skyp'ing you a few more times in the future :O)

Tina Alfieri from TicketTina

I have been working with Sandeep for the past year and not only is he an incredible web designer, but he is also one of the most customer service "tech guys" I have ever worked with.

Sandeep doesn’t run a meter on your project. Once you set the parameters of the work, he will support you to ensure that all of the design, functionality and content is to your specifications. He always makes suggestions on how to improve things too.

I was referred to Sandeep from a friend in Canada who hired him in the past, so for me the personal recommendation was all I needed and I am very pleased with the end product and continued support Sandeep provides. I was afraid that the time zone differences between the US and his location in India would be a challenge, but it was not. He was usually waiting on me!

He is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him for web services.
Lizz Pellet, VP of Educational Sales, The Sourcing Institute. Website: Lizz Pellet

I needed SEO and WordPress advice quickly and economically. I am not totally new to website design, but Sandeep provided an invaluable service, in areas where I lacked skills, with the following major highlights for me:

  • Very responsive even out of hours
  • Lots of guidance on web structure and design
  • Very tolerant endless questions
  • Gave helpful suggestions, and was willing to change areas, as per my requirements
  • Very fair charging fees, which he was willing to discuss with me.
  • A total pleasure to work with, friendly.

I would highly recommend and will be engaging Sandeep again on other projects

Susan M Ryder

Over the past decade I have worked with numerous outsourced contractors in 18 different countries. Some are better than others. Working with Sandeep has been a pleasure. Since he practically lives and breathes WordPress and often works 12+ hour days 7 days per week, he knows the inner workings of themes and coding to make things work. Most importantly, his focused "get it done" attitude makes him highly productive. Unlike so many other WordPress pros I have encountered, Sandeep does not over-promise with "yes sir" reflex. He gets the job done.
Andrew Angle

My medical marketing consulting business was growing and I needed a WordPress developer, stat! I performed a search on LinkedIn and found Sandeep at Websfox. He is so talented! He really knows how to use WordPress. He has helped me with several client websites, including my own. He is very responsive and his turnaround is fast. He is flexible, and his pricing is fair. I thoroughly enjoy working with him.
Judy Isaacson, Executive Consultant from Vital Now!

I can't say enough about the excellent work that Sandeep Nehra has done on our website. He took a below average website and transformed it into an appealing and informative website. He has shown cutting-edge talent, dedication, and passion for web design and web development. I highly recommend that you use Sandeep with Websfox.com to develop your website!
Adriana Meijerink

I am so pleased with my web site. I had a WordPress site that I wanted to change to a self hosted site and he helped make the transition smooth. He is able to customize the appearance of my site very quickly and answers all of my questions about site maintenance. He has always been able to find answers to my questions and thanks to him, my site runs efficiently! I am so happy with his work!
Dionne Baldwin from Try Anything Once Culinary

After days of searching for someone to assist me, on my final day I was blessed to find Sandeep Nehra. A definate GOD send, he understood exactly what it was I was trying to accomplish, even though I barely knew myself. The patience and understanding that he gave was almost unreal for someone with the amount of business and lack of time that he has. His professionalism and knowledge in his field has far exceeded my expectations and I cant thank him enough for the beautiful work he has done on my website.

Celeste from Its Divinity

Hello I'm was converting from Joomla to WordPress as well as making some significant changes to the web presence when I found the WP website services of Sandeep. He is an expert at WP and even more importantly customer service. I had very little experience using WP but Sandeep has helped guide me with SEO, Design, and Implementation advice. They should put him in the credit card commercial... Web-hosting $XX, Getting your message out there $XX, having Mr. Nehra and his full range of services.. PRICELESS.

He is an amazing professional with unparalleled skills in all aspects of web design, WordPress, SEO, SMO, and I've never met an expert so responsive and willing to make your project meet your expectations. Despite the time differences between our countries, I have never had an issue where he wasn't already online and available.

Brian Leppert from Hello I'm Inc.

Sandeep would have to be some kind of WordPress Wizard.
Within only a few hours of my contact he was into my website and rectifying all my errors.
Every question that I asked of him, even the stupid ones, were answered immediately and logically.
I undoubtedly have more work for Sandeep in the very near future, and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to anyone with website development issues.
Thank you Sandeep!

Steve McCarthy from Whiteline Television

I just want to thank you for your great web design for my website. Working with you on my web site design was effortless. you listen, understand, and cared about my project. You were extremely patient with my numerous requests, contacted me with answers and revisions promptly, and most of all, created an excellent design.....all this within my budget. I highly recommend anyone interested in a design for their site to contact WordPresswebsiteservice.

Mike Vasco from EdmontonStop

Working with Sandeep has been a very pleasant experience. He goes beyond in that he always looks for ways to improve his client's product. I am happy to recommend Sandeep to anyone who wants a quality product.

Steven Schwartz from Med-Study

Sandeep did a great job to transform my passion and expertise into my website. He was able to do every thing I asked of him and very proud to recommend him.

Frankline Agbor from Green Crusader

Sandeep put together our website and we found him to be very helpful and professional with his service.

Luis Guevara from Hospimedical Pty Ltd

We needed assistance with re-coding our site to make it more appealing to our clients.
Having contacted a number of companies who either took over a week to respond and did't resolve the issue we contacted Sandeep and contracted the services of WordPress Website Services.
Sandeep and the team had a solution within 6 hours which they implemented and radically changed the viewing of the site immensely where most had said it could not be done.
Sandeep and the team are readily available to assist and are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.
I would highly recommend the team and their services.

Martin Andrews from Flame IT Recruitment