Sapat 1.0

Multipurpose WordPress Theme

The last theme you will ever need

$37 only

If you need multiple site licenses then check : Licensing

Sapat Multipurpose WordPress Theme
Sapat Multipurpose WordPress Theme
Sapat Multipurpose WordPress Theme

$37 only

If you need multiple site licenses then check : Licensing

Sapat is a fully responsive Multi Purpose WordPress theme. It allows you to build an awesome portfolio, business, non-profit or online shop project on all screen sizes and devices from mobile phones to desktops. It is also retina optimized to look incredible on high definition displays. Sapat is highly customizable and comes with eight pre-defined color schemes. If you want to display the portfolio, then it comes with four different styles which can be further into different sizes. It is also ready for blogging with different layouts like standard, two and three grids, masonry along with infinite scroll. Sapat uses latest Redux Option Panel which makes changing colors, use Google Fonts, add custom CSS, and more just with simple clicks. It is the last theme you will ever need for any kind of project.

Full Feature List:


  • Responsive design : layout adjusts the display accordingly across all screen sizes and devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile)
  • Retina optimized : show off graphics on high density displays
  • Theme Options : Custom theme options makes changing many features of the site as easy as clicking a button
  • Custom logo upload
  • Custom favicon upload for different devices
  • Custom CSS : Add custom CSS as needed to completely stylize every aspect of the site
  • Custom colors : Easily change colors for any of the following site features: Call to Action, Font, Menu, Menu Hover, Links, Links Hover, Buttons, Buttons Hover, Footer Widget, Footer
  • Custom fonts : Use any Google Font to customize body text and heading text
  • Social icons in footer : optional icons that can link to social networks of choice–use only the ones you want: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr, Map, RSS, Email, and a Custom link
  • Display your custom tagline in the header
  • Customize footer text
  • Localization : Includes a .po template file for theme translation
  • Analytics : Easily add Google Analytics code
  • Theme Documentation : Instructions for how to install and customize the theme to your website.


  • Page Templates : choose from Default, Full Width, Portfolio
  • Portfolio Page : show off your projects and/or artwork in a grid filterable by skill
  • Unique Page Sidebar : display a unique widget sidebar for Pages and a different one for Posts
  • Page layouts : option to select different layout for every page.
  • Page sidebar width : with Sapat, you can have different sidebar width on any page.
  • Multiple Sidebar : You can chose on any page whether you want to display one sidebar or two sidebar.


  • Grid layout : display blog posts in the grid layout with meta on or off.
  • Masonry : display your blog posts in masonry layout.
  • Infinite Scroll : infinite scroll for your blog.
  • Multiple Sidebars : Select one or two sidebar and their width.
  • Standard Layout : display blog in the standard layout.


  • Excerpts vs Full Posts : Choose whether to display post excerpts or the full post on blog and blog archive pages
  • Post Meta Data : Choose whether to display any combination of the following with every post: Author, Date, Category, Tag, Comment Count, Featured Image
  • Author Bio : Included at the bottom of every post and on the author archives page is a place for a short bio
  • Unique Post Sidebar : display a unique widget sidebar for post and a different one for Posts
  • Post layouts : option to select different layout for every post.
  • Post sidebar width : with Sapat, you can have different sidebar width on any post.
  • Multiple Sidebar : You can chose on any post whether you want to display one sidebar or two sidebar.
  • Post Featured Images : Choose whether to display featured images on posts
  • Comments : fully responsive threaded comments


  • Clean Grid Layout : show off your projects and/or artwork in an attractive grid layout
  • Filterable Portfolio : visitors can filter projects by skill to view only the type they wish to see
  • Custom Layouts : individual portfolio pages can display content in a variety of custom layouts such as full width and columns
  • Four Unique Styles : portfolio comes with four uniquely designed styles.


  • Use shortcodes anywhere : simple to use shortcodes and can be added to any page, post or widget.
  • Buttons : custom messages, links, and colors
  • Columns : format text into columns of one half, one third, two thirds, one fourth, and one fifth.
  • Alert box : display images in slideshows on pages, posts, or widgets
  • Animation : animate any component with animate shortcode.
  • Callout Box : display services and features in callout boxes or simply use for the action.
  • Charts : embed Google charts like pie, line, area, bar charts.
  • Content Box : display content in fancy content box to catch attention of readers.
  • Counter Box : counter shortcode to display counter along with icons.
  • Counter Circle : use counter in the circle.
  • Divider and Dropcaps : use different kind of dividers any where to divide different sections.
  • Fancy Icons : display fancy icons along with animations.
  • Full Width Box : display content in full width using full width box shortcode.
  • Highlighted Text : highlight the text any where with any color using highlight text shortcode
  • Icon List : add list of items with icons. There are more than 400 icons to choose from.
  • Google Map : display Google Map anywhere using this shortcode.
  • Fancy Image : display images in fancy way with fancy image shortcode.
  • Latest Post : display latest posts with this shortcode
  • Lightbox Video : videos can be opened in lightbox on click.
  • Milestone : display numbers with icons using milestone shortcode.
  • Modals : allows you to create pop up modal with content.
  • Popover : allows you to use popups on click or hover in different sides.
  • Parallax : use parallax shortcode anywhere to display parallax effect.
  • Progress Bar : displays progress bar in different styles.
  • Portfolio : display portfolio anywhere using portfolio shortcode.
  • Pricing Table : amazing pricing table shortcode helps you to display your product or service pricing.
  • Quote Box : use quote shortcode to display the quotes.
  • Squeeze Box : use this shortcode anywhere to display squeeze box
  • Table : use our table shortcode to display tables with different styles.
  • Tool Tip : add tooltip to text which will be displayed on hover.
  • Title Box : display content in colored box with a bold title.
  • Toggle and Tab : display content in tabs or toggles.
  • Team : display team members with this team shortcode.
  • Testimonial : display testimonial anywhere using this shortcode.
  • Youtube and Vimeo : embed youtube and vimeo videos using this shortcode.

Sapat comes with free life-time updates and free support.

Sapat is 100% compatible with WordPress 3.8, 3.9, 4.0, & 4.1.